April fair of Andratx 2017


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April fair of Andratx is great tunes, traditions and many performances

It is once again time for the annual April fair of Andratx, which is according to tradition held the last weekend of April. Andratx city council is proud and happy to invite locals as visitors to an unforgettable weekend of good atmosphere and vibrant tunes.

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Come and party at the April fair

Andratx April fair, is an event of many colors and traditions. This is the time where we celebrate the entrance to may, and to do so, we need a party.

Some of the things you will be experiencing at the April fair of Andratx, are dance performances, music performances, market stalls, food tents and parades. Basically everything a real Mallorcan fair should have.

Also, you will be able to experience another typical Mallorcan tradition, namely the horseman costumes which are popular in Andratx.

April fair program


The festivities starts of Friday at 20:30 in the center of Andratx, where the fair will be opening for all.

During the evening, you can enjoy amazing performances by Loli Ruiz, Oxalis, Raíces Andaluzas and finally the tunes of DJ Roberto.


On Saturday the fair continues all day. The performances will begin around 21:30 with performances by Embrujo Flamenco, Arborea, Isla Graná and DJ Roberto.


The fair will be alive all Sunday, and at 12:00 you can enjoy the Rociero choir of Mallorca. Again in the evening and night hours, you can party to the performances of Grupo Flamenco Nuria Millán, Alaire Rumbapop and DJ Roberto.


We close the April fair on Monday May 1st, by signing in May with the choir of Rociero Giralda at 13:30



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