Arrival of German tourists in Mallorca shocks people

The arrival of German tourists in Mallorca is a controversial issue that has generated curiosity with the inhabitants of the popular holiday island. The possibility of traveling to Mallorca and enjoying something similar to a “real” vacation, with a distant resemblance to those enjoyed before the corona-virus pandemic, is simply striking, and has put the name of the island on everyone’s lips.

Yesterday, on March 23, Reuters shared a video on their Twitter channel, which has more than 23 million followers, showing German tourists drinking beer and having fun on the beach of Platja de Palma. But that’s not all that made the video issue to a lot of mixed feelings. The video does not only show tourists on the beach, but they are not wearing masks or keeping any kind of distance. The video is clearly a part of an audiovisual recording for some purpose, but it still awake some disparity within people.

In the video we see a local resident being interviewed about the scenario, and she too share the concerns of many viewers on Twitter; will the arrival of German tourists in Mallorca have a positive or negative outcome? And in either case which?

The resident express to the camera that on one hand she understands the need for acute injection in the economy, but on the other hand she fears that this may lead to an increased risk of a fourth wave of Corono-virus that will set back the economy even further.

Have a look at the video yourself and share your opinion.

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