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Spring is equal to flowers, scents and fertility

Colorful flowers everywhere, filling the narrow streets and main plaza of Costitx with the scent of Spring and May.

This weekend´, kicks off the annual Costitx flower fair, which is a celebration and entrance to the summer.

This years flower fair of Costitx, starts on Saturday April 29, and ends Monday May 1st.

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Costitx wakes from being a sleepy village to a festive scene

During the everyday life in Costitx here in the Mallorcan countryside, time tends to stand a little still. But from time to time, Costitx awakens from its beauty sleep and transforms into a colorful and vibrant scene of festive events.

It is important to know that Mallorcan villages, braces traditions and especially the festive kinds. Some 3-4 times a year, Costitx is celebrating its traditions, namely in January and May.

This is the May fair, also known as the ‘Flower Fair’. Most villages on Mallorca, has some kind of tradition in regards to May, because May is considered the entrance to summer on Mallorca.

This years Flower Fair, features sports activities, competitions, Zumba dancing, art exhibitions of paintings and antique sculptures, party for the youngsters, exhibition of old motorcycles and cars thus lots of delicious snacks and local dishes available from the many cafes and bars in Costitx.

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Flower power is all we need to feel inspired

Despite all the fantastic activities available throughout the fair, we should not forget what the fair is all about – flowers.

In the press release, the mayor of Costitx, Antoni Salas i Roca, was not late to show of his deepest appreciation to all the participating florists and gardeners, who come to the village to make this fair both possible and fantastic, with their exhibitions and demonstrations of this traditional profession of craftsmanship that decorates the church, the main plaza and the charming small streets between the old stone houses of Costitx.

Let inspiration in from all the demonstrations and exhibitions

The flower fair in Costitx, is a MUST attend, if you have any interest in home gardening, nature or simply love the springtime.

The many professional gardeners and florists, are here to show you great inspiration for home projects you can do yourself. Let your senses be seduced by the Mediterranean scents and colors, and watch closely as the professionals demonstrate how to achieve a paradise garden of your own.

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