COVID-19: Mallorca opens phase 2

COVID-19: Mallorca opens phase 2

Yesterday, on Monday the 25th of May, 2020, Mallorca opened to phase 2 in the reopening process after the lockdown of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Balearic Islands, along with the Canary Islands and big parts of Andalusia, have all shown great social responsibility during this terrible crisis and, in return, they can now get a smell of normality.

The key changes that come with phase 2 are:

  • Opening of beaches
  • Opening of Swimming Pools
  • Reduced physical distance
  • Opening of some shops
  • Opening of some restaurants
  • Opening of some hotels

Phase 2 will also allow social gatherings of more than 10 people, visits to retirement homes and visits to residential centers to people with disabilities. It is the autonomous government of the Balearic Islands that is in charge of determining the specific conditions for phase 2.

Beaches and swimming pools

Access to beaches is now allowed again, although a security distance of 2 meters between each set of towels or sun lounger is a requirement. For bathing in the sea there is no security distance needed. Swimming pools and recreational areas may open up 30% of their total capacity.

Restaurants and bars

For restaurants and bars, phase 2 of the reopening process means that they can now open 50% of their total capacity. Half of their indoor capacity and half of their outdoor capacity.


Certain shops can also reopen again, including those located inside shopping centers. Shopping centers will be limited to only be 40% open, and shops inside must have individual access from the outside of the shopping center to reopen, as common spaces in shopping centers will remain closed.

Cultural institutions

Cultural institutions such as cinemas, theaters and auditoriums may too reopen, although it is required that seats are preassigned and only a third of the total capacity is used.

Churches and sanctuaries may now open to 50% of their total capacity. Weddings and other ceremonies can too be held, although the number of guests is limited to 50 indoor and 100 outdoor.

As for museums and exhibition spaces, the number of visitors is limited to 50% of the total capacity.

Other outdoor activities

Phase 2 also allows for certain outdoor activities to be resumed, such as hunting and sports fishing. Moreover, active tourism and nature tourism will now be expanded to allow larger groups of people to do activities together.

Visits to monuments will be allowed but restricted to a third of the total capacity.

Visits to nature parks will limited to a maximum of 20% of the total capacity.

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