New nature park behind the popular beach of es Trenc in Campos will secure the birds and wildlife of the area

In 2018, a new initiative to save the wildlife around es Trnc in Campos is to be inaugurated. The project has been granted more then 800,000 euros, and will benefit both birds and other wildlife as well as tourism in the area.

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For years, the beach of es Trenc has been a popular destination for sun-hungering holidaymakers, who come to enjoy the 2 kilometres of silky soft sand and extremely clean water at this beach. However, the massive load of tourists using the natural area here leaves its marks on the nature. To find a solution to this, a new project has been established, which will beneft both tourists and the wildlife.

Behind the cliffs of es Trenc, which now is actually home to a wetland, will be turned into a brand new nature park. The wetlands will be expanded extensively to make room for more birds and other wildlife here, but at the same time the government wants to make the area accessible to tourists who come to enjoy birdwatching and observation on Mallorca.

Hopefully, the area and municipality of Campos and Ses Salines will see an increased interest in the beautiful rural areas here in the southern Mallorca. The area of es Trenc has been known since Punic times, and more particular, the natural salt from the Mediterranean sea which is said to have a healing effect on the body.

Not far from es Trenc beach, in the small distric of el Palmeras, you will find another interesting place, the Artestruz ostrich farm. Here you can meet and ride the curious ostriches, cuddle with the chicks and enjoy a snack or refreshment.

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