One of the most important prehistoric villages and sites in Mallorca, can now be explored near the coastline between Porto Cristo and Calas de Mallorca, outside Manacor

What is special about this site, is that it demonstrates a village that has been here through several periods of time. This is seen in the use of different architectural styles on the site, such as the naviforms and the Balearic talayots.

Ethnologists believe that this prehistoric village, has been used as a training facility of warriors in the 3rd century B.C.

Naviforms, are typical for the period between 1700 – 1200 b.c. Those naviforms found in this site, measure some 11-14 metres in length and 7-8 metres in width.

Talayots, are characterized by by their either rectangular or round shapes, built as towers with a column in the middle.  The talayots in s’Hospitalet Vell, are special because they are the only ones in Majorca, still with roof on top of them.

Go and visit the historic museum of Manacor, and get a better story of life in this village during prehistoric times. The museum also exhibits different artifacts found on the site, as well as arranging excursions to the site.

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