sanctuary of Son Corró in Costitx

The prehistoric temple and site of Son Corró is located just outside the village of Costitx

The discovery of the Son Corró temple, is considered the most important finds of prehistoric sites in the area!

The story tells of the farmer, Joan Vallespir de Can Pere Pina, the temple by coincidence. Inside this temple, which at that time was covered and hidden by trees in the forest, Vallespir found 3 bull heads made of pure bronze. These bull heads, is meant to origin from the late bronze age because the bull at this time was considered holy and was worshipped.

The 3 bull heads, was immediately transferred to the archaeological museum in Madrid, hence no institution in Mallorca could afford to provide the security required. You can see a replica of these bull heads, in the local history museum in Costitx, Casal de Cultura de Costitx.

Bartoumeu Ferra, was the first ever archaeologist to work on this site. His conclusion was, that the temple originally had 13 columns supporting a roof. However, in 1994 Dr. Rosselló Borðoy made it clear after a range of examinations, that it could only have been the 6 columns we see today.

The prehistoric temple is easily found just outside the lovely little village of Costitx in the Pla region.

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Costitx is a charming and sleepy village set in the heart of the tranquil rural countryside. The area has been inhabited since the Bronze Age which has left several marks of the many cultures that has been present during the centuries and contributed to the development of the pride little municipality. As a tourist, you can almost use sightseeing in Costitx as a time travel going from ancient worlds to the future. Costitx is one of the most popular areas for foreigners to purchase property due to the great location and the natural charm of the area.

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