Birthplace of Catalina Tomàs Gallard

home of mallorcan saint catalina tomas in valldemossa

Catalina Tomàs i Gallard was a girl of Valldemossa whom became a patron saint of Mallorca

She was born in this house on May 1st, 1531.

In an age of just 3 years, Catalina Tomàs recited parts of the bible, which she practiced in her ‘special’ corner of this house. She was daughter of a poor and simple family, but both her parents died when she was just 7-years old.

Moving in with her uncle outside the village, Catalina could no longer get to church on a daily basis, why she built her very own small chapel outside the village borders.

Her dedication and strong faith, is believed to have led to to talk to both God and the devil, which is how her name came to the attention of Father Antoni Castaneda, who at this time lived in the Convent of Miramar.

Father Antoni Castaneda, helped Catalina to the nobleman, Mateu Zaforteza, who taught her to read and write, in order to be accepted in a cloister in Palma. At this time, a cloister was absolutely not for everyone, especially not for poor children.

Catalina never wanted to receive gifts, she didn’t want husband nor children. She had chosen the path of God, and as she said: “God does not want anything but devotion”.

In 1551, Catalina was accepted in the Augustine convent of Santa Magdalena in Palma, where she also ended her days in an age of just 41 years in 1572. The body rests in a glass coffin, under the convent of Santa Magdalena.

In 1792, more than 200 years after her death, Pove Pius VI honored her with a beatification of her soul.

Back here in Valldemossa, you will notice painted tiles on the facades of the houses (see the picture), honoring different periods from her life.

Also, every year on July 28th, a procession in her honor is held in Valldemossa.


Get directions to the birthplace of Santa Catalina Tomas in Valldemossa

Valldemossa is renown for its irresistible charm and warmth that keeps dragging you in even though you have been here 100 times before, a special kind of magic. The area carries a long and rich heritage evidenced in the old Trinitat hermitage, the Miramar convent, the royal palace and the old urban core and church, however, in modern age it was the visit by Frederik Chopin and George Sand that gave fame to this village found in the most adorning valley deep in the mountains. There are a number of interesting attractions to see in Valldemossa, as well as a series of annual traditions celebrated with dances, parades and festivities for everyone.

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