Església de Monti Sion

facade of church of monti sion in palma mallorca

Visiting Monti Sion

This church is in many ways a symbol of sociocultural influences in Palma.

The church of Monti Sion was built on top of the former Jewish main synagogue, by the Jesuits who came to Mallorca in 1561. The construction was started already in 1571. The Jesuits were highly disliked by the royal crown, because of their major influence both economically and culturally on the people, who suddenly saw a different way of living and a new power to worship. This led to suppression of them from 1767 to 1815.

Architecture of the Monti Sion church

The church is one of the most splendid examples of Baroque stylistics on Mallorca. On the main facade, which is one of the most outstanding features of the church, you can see the tympanum frame a large coat of arms, supported by two angels. This is the coat of arms of Ramon de Verí, founder of the church.
On each side of the tympanum, you can see statues of the first Jesuit saints: St. Ignatius of Loyola on the left, and Francis Xavier on the right. An image of the Immaculate Conception crowns the portal, over the half-moon with a representation of the devil in the form of a beast and, higher up, the coat of arms of St. Ignatius. A semi-circular gutter protects the ensemble. In the upper part there is a rose window with plain mouldings and a triangular pediment.

The floor plan of the church, consists of a single nave with 6 side chapels on each side. The roof of the nave is a barrel vault with lunettes, supported by fluted pilasters.

Special interest in the church

1. The tomb of Ramon de Verí is on the left of the presbytery.

2. The first chapel on the left hand side contains the tomb of saint Alphonsus Rodriguez, who for many years was the porter of Monti Sion, until his death in 1617.

3. The main altar piece was designed by Camilo Silvestre Perino and started in 1607.


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Palma is the capital of Mallorca and seat of the Balearic government. Palma was founded during the occupation of the Roman empire, about 123 BC, and later developed by the Moors and Catalans. Palma has several times been awarded best place in the world to live; it is a city of great diversity, cultural heritage and commercial activity, making it an attractive city to a broad audience. Palma is one of the best places in Spain to go shopping, all the new arrivals from other Mediterranean capitals arrive here before other places in the world, plus, there are hundreds of local specialty boutiques.

The rich history of Palma has left an incredible amount of landmarks and points of interest to discover i.e. the Arabian baths, the cathedral, the Bellver castle, the Almudaina palace etc., as well as hundreds of other unique constructions perfect for sightseeing in the city.

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