parish church of Sineu Sant Maria

The parish church of Mother Mary, is literally the biggest sight in Sineu.

The church is the very first thing you will notice, when approaching Sineu from either of the roads leading to the town because of its amazing dimensions.

Just 7 years after the Catalan/Aragon reconquest of Mallorca, in 1236, the first parish church was raised in Sineu. The church was established on behalf of Ferrer de Pallerès, bishop of Tarragonia, southern Catalonia.

In May 1505, a terrible fire destroyed big parts of the church, which took many years to restore, and made the foundation of the temple you see today.

In the years between 1880 and 1882, the parish church underwent some rather extensive works, resulting in an expansion of it. The works was done by architect, Joaquim Pavia, who added the beautiful tympanum to the frontispiece, as well as the rather unorthodox octagon shaped dome on top of the church.

At the main entrance of the church, notice the archivolt, supported by columns with carved nature motifs on them. Next to the entrance, you will see a cross hanging, symbolizing the Via Crucis, Jesus’ way to the Golgata hill.

The massive bell tower of the church is among the highest of Mallorca’s churches, an amazing 7 store tower crowned with a pyramid spear.

A local myth of Sineu, tells of es Pern del Món, translated into “the screw of the world”, which is located under the bell tower of the church. Every new years eve, the mayor and the rector meets here to oil the screw, because if they don’t, the world will go under.

As with other churches of Majorca, I can only advice you to step inside, and have a look at the many treasures collected through time. Parts of elder altarpieces are preserved in here, such as the one made by Gaspar Gener, between 1571-1581. There is also remains of the beautiful baroque altarpiece of Our Lady of Rosary, and a piece displaying Saint Martin.

In the rectory of Sineu, just next door from the church, you will find the original image of Santa Maria, made by famous painter Gabriel Möger, in 1509.

How to get to the church of Santa Maria in Sineu


Sineu is to many inhabitants, namely the local inhabitants, the very heart of Mallorca due to the central location and the many historical monuments and buildings in the town. Sineu is perhaps most famous for its Wednesday tourist market where the narrow silent streets are turned into a commerce mecca of hundreds of thousands of people bargaining. But Sineu is actually one of the greater places to visit and go sightseeing in Mallorca, as you will find a nice handful of interesting constructions such as the Santa Maria church, the former Minims convent, the former royal palace, Gothic hospital etc., all places that tell a story from a period in the history of Sineu and the making of this town. Moreover, Sineu is a great place to discover some traditional Mallorcan cuisine as you will find a number of cellers and bars that serves delicious dishes worth traveling for. Last but not least, Sineu hosts a number of annual events and happenings where local traditions are celebrated with festivities and fairs, an excellent opportunity to feel the soul of Mallorca when it truly unfolds.

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