Església de Sant Jaume

esglesia de sant jaume church in alcudia mallorca

The parish church of charming Alcúdia is situated in the old town built in to the massive medieval town walls

The very first church of Alcúdia was built back in the 14th century where it besides from church services, functioned as a watchtower.

Alcúdia parish church was named after its founder, King Jaume II, who was the man behind the massive town walls the church was a part of.

In 1870, after years of lacking maintenance, most of the church collapsed making it unsafe to be even close to it. The town council of Alcúdia, had no choice but to let a new church rise. The construction of the new church, was finished in 1893.

As you will see, the church is built in Neo-Gothic style, on a foundation of a basilica with transept and side chapels. In the ceiling, notice the Gothic ribbed vaults.

In the chancel, notice the Neo-Gothic altarpiece dedicated to Saint Jaume, made by local Alcúdian sculptor, Llorenç Ferrer Martí.

The tympanum above the main entrance, has a sculpture of Saint Jaume, and at the top of the facade, a goat of arms of Alcúdia, made by local sculptor, Remígia Caubet.


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  1. Please could you explain why you play terrible piped music through speakers in the church?
    What is the thinking behind this?
    It takes away all the grandeur and mystery of this magnificent building and brings sentimentality and vulgarity into a place of private and public worship.
    Explain how this decision was reached please, and in consultation with whom?

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