Convent of the Daughters of Mercy


Building of Franciscan nuns, daughters of Mercy, with elevation of the front facade displaying three floors.The building witnesses a major impact of the nuns here in Santa Eugènia, as it is much bigger than the average building construction in the area.

Highlights inside this baroque construction, we find a small Gothic chapel representing the Immaculate Conception, which was completed in 1900.


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Santa Eugènia

Santa Eugènia is a tranquil and beautiful place to visit and stay, and, located just 10 minutes from Palma. There is a great deal of things to do in Santa Eugènia, for example, walk on the holy hill of Seguí, visit the outdoor rocky chapel of Lourdes, enjoy the views from the old mill district, go to the Zoo, explore the streets of the village, visit the market on Tuesdays or attend one of the many annual festivities.

Santa Eugènia stays and things to do

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Son Seguí

Cueva de Lourdes

Zoologica Natura Parc

Església de Santa Eugènia


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