Església Parroquial de Sant Llorenç des Cardassar

facade of parish church of sant llorenc des cardassar in mallorca

The parish church of Sant Llorenc des Cardassar, is build in a typical basilica style with one nave and side chapels in both sides.

The first verified documentation of a church here, was in the the 14th century. Some scholars does however, believe that a chapel mentioned in a bull from 1248, was the building prior to this construction.

In 1845, the church was expanded in both ends, and the main facade in its neoclassical style was finished.

In 1988, a small museum was inaugurated in the church, to display some beautiful religious paintings by local artist Miquel Pont, some of these created in Rome.


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Sant Llorenç des Cardassar

Sant Llorenç is undoubtedly one of the most overseen villages in Mallorca, however, if you have been on holiday in the eastern part of the island, there is a good chance that you have actually visited the municipality as Sant Llorenç is home to the popular beach destinations of Cala Millor, s’Illot and Sa Coma, which are shared with Son Servera and Manacor. Sant Llorenç des Cardassar offers an authentic and charming little village that expands from the central church square where a handful of bars sits. As for sightseeing, there are two major attractions in Sant Llorenç; the fortress of Punta de n’Amer and the Talyotic settlement of s’Illot, the rest of the points of interest include the parochial church, the regional style architecture and some small monuments to enjoy. You can enjoy multiple annual events and festivities in Sant Llorenç at all times of the year, it’s a great way to connect with the Mallorcan and local culture.

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