La Granja museum and attraction in Esporles Mallorca

La Granja d’Esporles is the main attraction and place of interest in the local area of Esporles, a perfect excursion and activity for the whole family

This amazing old finca, which used to be owned by the noble families of Mallorca, is an authentic and indeed well-preserved example of the rich heritage of the island.

The area of La Granja was probably already in use back during Roman times on Mallorca (123 BC), due to the amount of natural springs in the mountain slopes.

It was however, the Moors who began the building construction of this amazing palace in this prosperous area of Esporles. After the Catalan conquest of Mallorca, the Granja came to be under feudal possession, however, soon after it was given to Cistercian monks who rented the place from the king.

King Peter IV of Aragon was so taken by this place that he started to breed pheasants and partridges on the property to be hunted. Any peasant of the area who would dare to try and steal or kill of these birds would be punished with high penalties, torture or even death.

In the 15th century, the wealthy noble family of Vida bought the property to who it belonged for about 200 years. After the Vida family, La Granja fell in to the hands of the Fortuny family, who also owned other amazing properties in Esporles, i.g. Ca’n Fortuny.

During your tour through this majestic palace, you will experience an authentic feeling of life for as well the servants and the nobles living here. The tour of La Granja, includes 57 stations exhibiting life on the finca. Some of the highlght of this tour include the old olive press, the free-range peacocks, the impressive dining, living and bedrooms of the nobles, the beautiful gardens with natural springs and the kitchen. You will also be taken to the basement to the prison and torture chamber of La Granja, where you will feel the thrills on your bag.

When done with the tour, you can have free bunyols in the museum shop. Bunyols is a tasty pastry from Mallorca that you dip in home-made marmalade. La Granja is particular known for its home-made apricot marmalade.There is also free wine tasting in the beautiful courtyard of the finca.

La Granja d’Esporles is open every day all year round from 10:00 – 19:00.

How to get to the La Granja d’Esporles


Esporles is a charming and idyllic little mountain village found less than a half an hour from Palma. Esporles is renown for its scenic and beautiful nature comprising a diverse collection of Mediterranean wildlife making it highly attractive place for hikers and cyclists. However, Esporles is also renown for its major tourist attraction, the Granja finca and ethnological museum, which is one of the most popular exhibitions on the island. Moreover, Esporles is known for its Sweets & Pastries fair, the Fira Dolce d’Esporles held every year in October. There are many reasons for you to come and visit Esporles and explore the surrounding area.

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