House museum of Robert Graves in Deià

Epic novels such as ‘I, Cladius’, ‘The White Goddess’ and ‘King Jesus’, has all been written in this house by Robert Graves.

Grab the opportunity, to see how the famous author found his inspiration to his stories, and look into the mind of a true creative soul.

Robert Graves moved here in 1929 with his second wife, Laura Riding. At this time, Graves was already a well known for his war narratives, but it wasn’t until after he met Laura that he pursued to awake his creative talents.

When the Spanish civil war broke out, Graves and Riding moved to America to be safe. In 1939, Riding left him for Schuyler Jackson. The relationship to Riding, was the inspiration for his novel, ‘The White Goddess’.

Robert Graves once again found love, this time with Baryl Hogde, with who he moved back to this house in his ever loved Deià. The two lived here together, until his death in 1985 after years of dementia.

How to get to the house of Robert Graves


Deià, or Deya, is undoubtedly one of the most romantic areas in Mallorca, which is also evidenced in the many wedding ceremonies held every year. The natural beauty of Deià has been the main attraction force of the many artists who has been here for inspiration, which has given the village its alias as “village of artists”. Every step you take opens new amazing views, colors so deep that they can’t be imitated; simply a fairyland. Deià is home to a nice handful of attractions, such as the Son Marroig estate with its iconic marble pavilion, the house of Robert Graves, the archaeological museum and the church of Joan Baptista crowning the village from its hilltop position. You have every reason in the world to visit Deià.

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