Museu Arqueològic de Son Fornés

mill of fraret and home to the archaeological museum of son fornes in montuiri mallorca

Molí des Fraret

Molí des Fraret is located in the north-western part of the town, Montuïri. It is the most well preserved flour mill in the area.

Along with the mills of Molí de Sa Torre, Molí d’en Xigala, and Molí d’en Fidueder, was Molí des Fraret a part of a very well-known flour mill district here in Montuïri.

From the middle of the 18th century, right up to the late 1900’s, the mill belonged to the Fraret family. In 1990, it was sold to the town council of Montuïri, who paid for some remarkable renovations, installing new antennas and canopies.

Since 2001, the archaeological museum of the prehistoric village of Son Fornés has been based here in Molí des Fraret.

Archaeological museum inside Moli des Fraret

The museum has a simple purpose; to collect, study and distribute knowledge about the archaeological remains of the ancient village of Son Fornés.

At the Museu Arqueològic de Son Fornés, you will find a unique collection of elements and artifacts, found during the excavations of Son Fornés. Amongst these, are coins, weapons and tools used by inhabitants of the village.

Son Fornés is considered to be one of the most important archaeological excavations in all of Mallorca and the Balearic Islands, and therefore also very well-kept.

You will find signs leading to the Museu Arqueològic de Son Fornés, from the highway, and though the town, you can’t miss it.

If you prefer to only visit the site of Son Fornés itself, it can be seen at about 2,5 km outside the town of Montuirï.


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