Porta Murada

porta murada monument of old town wall in santanyi mallorca

Visit the old prison and city gate of Santanyí

La Porta Murada, is the name of one of the old guard towers that was once a part of the fortified city wall. The wall, was built in the 16th century, where pirate attacks on Santanyi was intensive.

Throughout the 19th, and first half of the 20th century, La Porta Murada served as a prison, but is now just a monument to the city’s long-time defence system. Inside the gate, you can see the prison the small inconvenient prison cell.

The port was last renovated in 1987, and has been a monument of Santanyí ever since.


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Santanyí belongs to the Migjorn region, and is located in the south-eastern corner of Mallorca. Generally speaking, it belongs to the most dry areas of the island making it obvious for cultivation of figs, almonds etc. However, Santanyí is a coastal area and you will find a range of great beach destinations such as Cala Santanyí, Cala Llombards, s’Almonia, Portopetro and Cala d’Or which is the most touristic of the holiday destinations in southern Mallorca. Santanyí carries an eventful cultural heritage full of stories of pirate attacks, smuggling and big export adventures, which makes it an interesting place to visit and discover. The heart of Santanyí is the main square of the old town, an ambient place surrounded by bars and restaurants which gives life to the “yellow town”. Wednesday and Saturday are market days in Santanyí, where you can sample some of the local delicacies and products while bargaining good prices of various stuff.

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