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Medieval wall and gate surrounding Alcudia town and church in Mallorca.



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The medieval town walls and gates were part of the defense system of Alcúdia, a truly impressive construction

Already from Roman times on Mallorca, the area of the present day Alcúdia was known as a strategic point of the island.

However, due to the location close to the sea and the broad bay area, Alcúdia was highly exposed to attacks from pirates and intruders. This is why King Jaume II, ordered the town wall build around the town.

The massive construction of these walls, reached a height of 6 meters supported by 26 watchtowers and a moat around it. The church of Sant Jaume (Saint James), was incorporated in the walled defense system.

Three gates were constructed; La Porta del Moll/La Porta de Xara, La Porta de Mallorca/Porta de Sant Sebastià and La Porta de la Vila Roja.

La Porta de Mallorca/Porta de Sant Sebastià, was the gate that connected Alcúdia to the royal road of Palma, the king’s road. This port, had a big platform on top, allowing soldiers to defend with big stones and boiling water. The gate was closed by a portcullis.

La Porta de Moll or Porta de Xara, was the entrance from the port. You can see the original portcullis that has been preserved in the gate.

Porta de Vila Roja, led to the center of the town via a small bridge.

During the 19th century, several of the walls collapsed, and in 1974 the remaining construction was declared cultural heritage and protected.

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