Artà regional museum

regional museum of arta is a local history museum

Visit the regional museum and learn the interesting story of Artà

Arta’s Regional Museum, is located close to the Town Hall, in Estrella street. The entity was founded by a group of local scholars with the aim to preserve Arta’s heritage in 1927. During the 60s, the building hosting the museum was purchased and restored by the Mallorcan bank Sa Nostra. The museum is organized in two sections: one committed to Natural History and the other to Archaeology.

You will discover stuffed local birds, as well as the extensive archaeological artefacts of the village. This rich collection is due to particular donations and the hard work of the museum’s researchers. It’s worth highlighting the impressive collection of local fauna, donated by pharmacist Llorenç Garcías Font.

Pay a visit and get a taste of Arta’s rich history and natural diversity!


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Artà is a cultural stronghold of Mallorca, it boasts diversity and wealth in many ways. The area has been occupied by human since the Bronze Ages which has left numerous landmarks and point of interest to discover all over the municipality, such as the Talayotic settlement of ses Païsses, the pilgrimage church of Sant Salvador, the modernist architecture in Ca’n Epifani, the railway station, the Franciscan convent, the Betlem hermitage, the Llevant nature park and so much more, there is really something for everyone to enjoy in Artà. In addition to the many places to visit in the area, Artà is also home to some great restaurants and romantic petit hotels situated in historical fincas and manors.

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