Son Bauló prehistoric cemetery


Visit the Bronze Age burial site in Ca’n Picafort

Sepulcro Dolménico de Son Bauló is the name of this prehistoric cemetery that was recently found near the holiday resort of Ca’n Picafort.

The site, is an early example of how we still bury our lost ones, by using big stones on each grave. Archaeologists and ethnologists believe, that the big stones here (megaliths), was used as a form of protection, for the dead to not be disturbed, or protected from evil spirits.

This prehistoric cemetery, is believed to have existed during the bronze age, because of the human bones and artifacts found on the site. The municipality of Santa Margalida, has invested more than 100.000 euros in this project.

The cemetery has been fenced, to protect it, as excavations are still going on. The site is located rather strange, behind an industrian area, in the outskirts of town, så don’t be surprised, enjoy the many free parking spaces.


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