Cala Llombards is a great choice of holiday base if you are looking for a charming, quiet destination near scenic natural areas.

Cala Llombards local guide

Accommodation options in Cala Llombards

As earlier said, Cala Llombards is mainly for those wanting to arrange their holiday themselves, or those who bought property down here. It is mainly an domestic area, inhabited by German and British people. The villas in Cala Llombards, all have exquisite views over the coastal line, and you will enjoy some amazing sights, as th area is raised high above sea level.

Sights to see near Cala Llombards

Cala Llombards has one very unique sight you must see, the “es Pontas” rock. This is a rock, standing out in the water, formed by the water, as a gate.  You can see this amazing nature phenomenon from the coastline, as you walk around it, taking in all the fantastic views.

As such, the area doesn’t have any typical tourist attractions. However, you should go visit the nearby town of Santanyí which offers a range of local cultural heritage to explore.

Nature Parks

Mondragó Park

Sights in Santanyí


Popular activities & sports around Cala Llombards

The fresh Mediterranean air, the wild life and colorful landscapes that makes this gorgeous area, is perfect for a bunch of outdoor activities. Cala Llombards is particular popular among cyclists, divers and hikers, who will find optimal conditions for enjoying this amazing part of the island.

Another very popular activity near Cala Llombards, is the protected nature reserve of Parc Natural de Mondragó. This paradise-looking reserve, has two lagunas with silky sand beaches and is home to more than 2400 species of vegetation and animals.

As for beaches in Cala Llombards, you will have access to two of the most unspoiled and clean beaches in Majorca, the Cala d’es Moro and Cala s’Almundaina. These beaches offers silky white sand and crystal clera waters.

Restaurants and food culture in Cala Llombards

There are only a few eateries in Cala Llombards, less than 5 actually. You can however, head to the village of Es Llombards, to find some very good local restaurants and cafes. Cala Llombards is mainly aimed at a self-catering audience.

Cala Llombards enjoys an outlandish and tranquil life, in the south-east corner of Majorca. You will not find tourism down here, no children, no noise.

Cala Llombards is the coastal area belonging to the village of Es Llombards, located about 1.5 mile inside the island.

Holidaymakers in Cala Llombards are those who rent a villa, and want to get the ultimate feeling of having a life by the sea.

Cala Llombards is located in a small cove by the coastline in the southeast area of Mallorca, in the region of Migjorn.

Infographic showing municipalities in the Migjorn region in Mallorca

The Migjorn region

Migjorn covers the south and south-eastern areas of Mallorca. Migjorn offers some of the most beautiful beaches of the island, both golden and white sandy beaches are to be found in the many coves around the coastlines. With exception of Cala d'Or, the Migjorn region mainly attracts an adult audience looking for tranquil surroundings close to nature and the local soul of the areas.
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