Artestruz ostrich farm

visit to an ostrich farm in mallorca

Artestruz is a family driven Ostrich farm since 1998. The farm is open to visit since the very beginning and has evolved tremendously until today.

A guide will help you throughout your entire visit to interact safely with the giants or their adorable chicks and especially to learn all those amazing features that make the ancient Ostrich such an emblematic creature. Artestruz has a café-boutique to have a refreshment or buy exclusive handmade art pieces made from the ostrich egg shells or perhaps even a genuine ostrich leather pair of handmade shoes. Some new activities on the farm with previous reservation are gentle ostrich rides and tasting the products in the new barbecue area. As years pass by, Artestruz continues to get fantastic feedback by visitors able to discover a whole new world of alternative farming and to get so close the ancient birds.


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Campos is a typical agricultural area where rural charm and traditions fills the atmosphere everywhere you turn. The area carries a long and rich cultural heritage evidenced in the many landmarks, the religious constructions and the annual fairs held in the town. Campos has gradually become a more popular holiday base due to the many luxury finca hotels and agroturismos (farms) that allows for full relaxation and serenity in charming and tranquil settings.

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