discover the local area of campos, sa rapita and es trenc

campos travel guide

Campos is an obvious choice of holiday vacation base on Mallorca, if you appreciate tranquility of the rural regions and traditional agricultural values.

Discover the local heritage of Campos

In your app, you will find about 11 different points of interest to explore in Campos and in the area around Campos.

We have made a cultural route, leading from the coastline all the way through the main country road and to the village of Campos where you will explore the stunning architecture, civil and religious.

The thousands of hectares of flat Mallorcan countryside, is waiting for you to walk or cycle over it, taking in the fresh countryside air.

If you are more of a water hound, Campos is home to the famous es Trenc beach, 2 km of untouched white beach with crystal clear water.

Local market in Campos

You can attend the local market of Campos every Thursday and Saturday in the centre of the village. The market in Campos is very traditional, and not a place to find souvenirs, but instead live stock, vegetables , meets and cheeses.

Campos is actually known all over Europe for its veal and beef. You will find a range of authentic restaurants and eateries in the municipality of Campos.

One particular dining experience to point out though, would be at the Artestruz ostrich farm. It has nothing to do with either veal or beef, but sitting there in the fresh open air, grilling your own ostrich steakes yourself is truly an outstanding experience that brings out the wilderness inside you.

Campos is located on the southern end of the center region of Mallorca. The area is particular known for its traditional agriculture, combined with its famous beach and coastline.

Campos may seem like a sleepy typical Mallorcan village in the rural farmland of the Mallorcan heath, and most of the time this is the truth about Campos. However, Campos has over the last couple of decades managed to add some colour to the town with a bunch of cultural offers for locals and for visitiors to enjoy.

Where is campos located in mallorca?

Campos is located in the southern part of the central Mallorcan region, with both coastline and countryside.

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