VALLDEMOSSA IS A CULTURAL TREASURE OF TRAMUNTANA AND MALLORCA worth visiting and/or spending your holiday in

Valldemossa local guide

Holiday and accommodation offers in Valldemossa

In Valldemossa, you can choose between different kinds of accommodation. If tranquility is your thing, find a finca for rent on the slopes around the mountains. If you like to be close to restaurants an town life, there’s apartments and traditional town houses for rent.

Hotels are rare in Valldemossa, and I’m pretty certain that there’s no hotels in the center of the town.

Valldemossa, is a historic town in Mallorca, mostly known for the time Chopin and George Sand spent here, during the winter of 1839.

Valldemossa offers stunning nature and lovely accommodation options. The town represents in the finest way, the typical architecture from the mountain range.

However, you deserve to know from the very start, that Valldemossa is also one big tourist attraction!

Sights and attractions in Valldemossa

Valldemossa is home to one of the most iconic sights in Mallorca, actually one of the trademarks, the Real Cartuja. Real Cartuja, was originally built for the king, then later became a convent and church belonging to the Carthusian order. Again in 1837, Real Cartuja became famous for housing an ill Frederic Chopin and his girlfriend, George Sand.

Inside Real Cartuja, you will find the piano that belonged to Chopin, the municipality museum, and the very first press in Majorca.

Close toReal Cartuja, you will find the Costa Nord museum, formerly owned by actor Michael Douglas.

Outside Valldemossa, on the road leading to Deià, you should visit the estates of Miramar and Son Marroig, beautiful in each their own way. Son Marroig, mainly because of the iconic pavilion made of pure marble looking over the coast.

Valldemossa beach

Valldemossa beach, in local mouths known as sa Marina, is a small natural beach located some 6 kilomtres from the village itself. The underlay of the beach consists of pebbles and gravel, and you have to bring your own bath towel, parasol etc. At the bottom of the water, there are rocks and various sea vegetation. It is not possible to drive all the way to the beach, but there is a parking lot close by, from where you will find access to the beach area via a steep stairway. If you are travelling with disabled companions, this is not a good choice of beach.

beach in valldemossa mallorca


Length90 m
Width15 m
Blue flagNo
Wheelchair accessYes
Sun lounger rentalYes

Active travelers will find Valldemossa a true treasury! The surrounding area offers many marked routes, leading to panoramic views over a mountains and sea, old fortresses and into the stunning untainted wilderness of olive, orange and almond plantations.

If a trip to an unspoiled natural beach seems appealing to you, I’ve got some good news. Down the steep rocky hills, you’ll find Port de Valldemossa. It’s possible to drive here, but if you want to walk here, be aware of the very steep stairway!

If golfing is your thing, try the stunning and challenging course of Golf Termens, located in nearby Bunyola.

Valldemossa is known for its very own pastry, called Coca de Patata, which you’ll find in the local bakeries and pastry shops and in some of the cafes.

The town offers some 10 dining places, all located somewhat close to the center of the town. Here you’ll find great and lively atmosphere, but at times quite crowded due to the popularity of the village.

The general dining card in Valldemossa, includes something that will satisfy everyone. You can expect to find traditional Spanish dishes, as well as international favourites and classic café food like sandwiches etc.

best seafood restaurant in Valldemossa
Restaurant Es Port

The weekly market in Valldemossa, is held Sunday morning. The Valldemossa town market, is a tourist market where you can find both traditional market products like flowers, fruits, vegtables, crafts, meats, cheeses etc., but also a wide selection of t-shirts and souvenirs.


Valldemossa, is located on the beautiful west coast of Mallorca, about 45 minutes from Palma.

Accessing Valldemossa is surprisingly easy due to the well planned and well maintained road network in the Tramuntana mountains, that leads directly in to the green valley where you’ll find Valldemossa.

Valldemossa lies close to other iconic and charming mountain villages in the Tramuntana, such as Banyalbyfar, Esporles, Deià and Bunyola, all very scenic areas with a rich cultural history to explore. Banyalbufar for its amazing location directly on the mountain slopes overlooking the Balearic sea and the emblematic medieval defense tower, Torre del Verger. Deià simply because of its natural beauty and the incredible viewpoints of Sa Na Foradada by the Son Marroig estate. Esporles because of the Granja finca and museum. Bunyola because of the Raixa manor house and botanic gardens of Jardins d’Alfabia.

I urge you explore at least a few of these places, they are some of the most remarkable trademarks of the Tramuntana region and they are not difficult to find or access, either by foot, cycle or car.

Infographic about Tramuntana region of Mallorca

The Tramuntana region

Tramuntana is both the name of the UNESCO protected mountain range that runs from south to north, as well as the name of the group of municipalities located in or close to these mountains.

When talking about Tramuntana in context of the mountain range, it is referred to as "Serra de Tramuntana", and when talking about the region, it is referred to simply as "Tramuntana".

The largest municipalities of the Tramuntana region, are Calviá and Andratx in the south and Pollenca in the north. The mountain range actually has its roots south of Malagá in Andalusiá.

The Serra de Tramuntana covers a surface of more than 30,000 hectares of landscape in Mallorca. The two main factors that make these mountains so unique, are the dry stone constructions and the hydraulic watering systems evidencing early day farming techniques. In almost any local area of the Tramuntana you travel, you will discover some of these very unique features which contributes to the picturesque settings.

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