Hermitage in Valldemossa called Ermita de Santissima Trinitat
Image by Kiko Frechoso

The hermitage is often referred to as “Ermita de Valldemossa”, but it’s real name is Ermita de sa Santíssima Trinitat. Along with the Ermita de Betlem in Artà, this hermitage is the only still maintained by monks. The monks gives olives and tomatoes in exchange of alms.

Ermita de sa Santíssima Trinitat is a popular place for pilgrimages, but also among hikers and walkers.

The hermitage was built in 1648 on top of a former chapel. The current chapel is dedicated to the Immaculate Conception.

A well-known story on the local areas of Valldemossa, is the story of Frederic Chopin and Georg Sand’s visit to the town, in the winter of 1938/39. In 1941, Sand published the book ‘Un hiver À Majorque’  (A Winter in Mallorca) where she described the journey the two made to Ermita de sa Santíssima Trinitat where they initially accommodated upon arrival to the island, before moving to the Real Cartuja. Chopin and Sand were never accepted by the locals due to their status as an unmarried couple.

We arrived in Valldemossa, our goal was a small hermitage located by the sea. We followed the road to the right, we climbed one hill after the other along a narrow rocky road whose hard surface destroyed our feet. At each curve of this road, we took in the spectacular views of the sea that beats to the deep but lush canyons of Mallorca’s coast. This was the first time in my life I have seen fertile coasts, covered in trees, clad in the most beautiful green color, right down to the waves themselves, without pale rocks, deserted or muddy beaches. In Port-Vendres along the French coast, I thought I had seen the true beauty of the sea without really finding it neither fertile nor beautiful. In Mallorca, my eyes saw for the first time what I had dreamed of finding by the sea – transparent and blue like the sky, which blew gently in the bay like a sapphire, framed in forests of the deepest green color. Each step we took offered us an even more spectacular view of the sea.

– George Sand, 1841

How to get to Ermita de sa Santíssima Trinitat


Valldemossa is renown for its irresistible charm and warmth that keeps dragging you in even though you have been here 100 times before, a special kind of magic. The area carries a long and rich heritage evidenced in the old Trinitat hermitage, the Miramar convent, the royal palace and the old urban core and church, however, in modern age it was the visit by Frederik Chopin and George Sand that gave fame to this village found in the most adorning valley deep in the mountains. There are a number of interesting attractions to see in Valldemossa, as well as a series of annual traditions celebrated with dances, parades and festivities for everyone.

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