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Located in the heart of Mallorca, about a fifty minute drive from the airport, at the foot of the Tramuntana mountains, you will find the sleepy village of Moscari. Moscari is a beautiful natural area, home to a variety of native species of insects, trees and flowers and a great base if you really want to get away from the hectic pace of modern life.

Moscari itself is a small village with about 260 inhabitants. The village exudes a dreamy look and local cozy atmosphere. Everything breathes idyll here – and with the green peaks of the Tramuntana mountains appearing in the background over the plains of olives and almond plantations, you have the perfect scenario for a holiday without worrying about the outside world.

location of moscari marked on map of mallorca island


Things to do

Things to do in the local area of Moscari

pink and white almond trees blossom in mallorca


If there is one thing Mallorca is famous for, it is the incomparable natural areas. If you are here between January and March, you are in luck as you will witness the natural phenomenon of the blossom of the almond trees which surrounds Moscari. The entire landscape is covered in silky white and pink colors leaving the air with a fresh and feminine scent, it is absolutely magical.


Begin your stay in Moscari with a tour through the village to learn and understand what kind of place this is. A nice walk or bicycle trip from one end of the area to the other will allow you to see the local places of interest, such as the monument of Jesus Christ, the former Franciscan convent, the church of Santa Anna and the old public well of Son Ferrer. Undoubtedly, Moscari has for ages been a modest little village carried by a congregation to which it has been important to have places of veneration and worship.

underground caves of cuevas de campanet in campanet in mallorca is a major tourist attraction


Moscari borders the municipality and village of Campanet, where some of the island’s famous stalactite caves are located. Cuevas de Campanet is one of the great attractions you can visit in the Raiguer region, an much less crowded than some of the other caves like the Cuevas del Drach and Cuevas de Ártà. Join a guided tour through the caves and learn about this masterpiece created by mother earth throughout thousands of years, a great thing to do in the area.

Visit the Campanet Caves

huts at the open air museum and ethnological park of caimari mallorca


The small neighboring village of Caimari is home to an open-air museum known as the Ethnological Park. It is an exhibition of huts, tools, traps and other things used by people that lived in the Tramuntana centuries ago.

Visit the Ethnological Park

exhibition hall at the ethnological museum of muro in mallorca


Staying in the same theme, a visit to the Ethnological Museum of Mallorca, in nearby Muro town, is a great thing to do to learn more about the island’s history. The museum is found in an impressive old town manor and has three floors of exhibitions spaces and a courtyard. Browse the pharmacy, the blacksmith, the domestic rooms, see the collections of ancient jewelry and toys etc. The visit to the museum is free.

Visit the Ethnological Museum of Mallorca

city guide for inca mallorca


About a 10 minute drive from Moscari, you will find the third largest city on the island, Inca. Inca is a wonderful city that offers both places of interest, a vibrant shopping life and some of the best cellers of Mallorca. If you choose to visit on Thursday, you can enjoy the biggest market in Mallorca with hundreds of market stalls and hundreds of thousands of people browsing. Inca is indeed a place to visit during your stay.

Inca town guide

can planes museum and gallery of contemporary arts in sa pobla mallorca


In the nearby village of Sa Pobla, you will find the Ca’n Planes mansion and its contemporary art museum, a renowned exhibition all over the island. Here you will find artworks of many known and less known artists from the Balearic archipelago worth admiring. While you are in Sa Pobla, you are advised to enjoy a refreshment here, there are a lot of really great bars and eateries.

Visit Ca’n Planes contemporary art museum

ses fonts ufanes nature park in campanet mallorca


Close to Moscari, you will find the area of Campanet where the nature park of ses Font Ufanes is located. Ses Fonts Ufanes offers a diversified wildlife and a unique self-supplying hydro-geological system that is being studied by scientists and universities from all over the world. The park offers a number of trails taking you about in the Balearic unspoiled wildlife.

Read about the Ses Fonts Ufanes park

cycling mallorca majorca route hairpin turns mountains


Mallorca is a cycling paradise, the sport is increasing in popularity from your to year due to the perfect conditions of the island. Moscari is perfectly located between the Tramuntana and the rural countryside, allowing for some amazing trips that both challenges and impresses while you enjoy the company of friends and family.

hiking mallorca tramuntana mountain


Being this close to the mountains you have optimal conditions for getting on a marked trail and discover the Balearic wildlife close hand. In the nearby village of Caimari, the old pilgrimage path to the famous Lluc monastery begins, a legendary and very beautiful trail that will take you to the most breathtaking viewpoints in the mountains.

Where to stay

Best places to stay in Moscari

If you wish to stay in Moscari, you have several options. Here are a couple of really nice hotels, with good facilities such as SPA, pool, restaurant and views of the fantastic landscape. The hotels in the village offer spacious rooms, filled with warmth and atmosphere, and decorated accordingly to Mallorcan traditions to complete the aesthetics.

pool at hotel can riera in moscari mallorca

Hotel Can Riera ****

Hotel Can Riera welcomes you in a charming setting with modern facilities, everything you need to completely relax and enjoy your stay in lovely Moscari. The hotel enjoys a fantastic location in the heart of the small village, close to roads and with beautiful views of the many almond trees that surround the area.

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Practical Info


Emergency: 112
National police: 091
Local police: 092
Guarda civil: 062
Fire: 080
Maritime emergencies: 900 202 202

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Town Hall

Plaça Major, 1 07313 Selva
Telephone: +34 971 51 50 06

Bus line 332: Moscari – Inca station

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