The stalactite caves of Campanet, are located north of the town itself.

These stalactite caves, makes for a great sight and attraction to everyone. Also, they are a good alternative to the more hyped caves in Porto Cristo, so if you are looking for a cave adventure, but don’t want to go to Porto Cristo, the Campanet Caves are for you.

The Campanet caves was first discovered in 1945, when a group of mine workers found them by coincidence. Already in 1948, the caves was ready to receive visitors. Cuevas de Campanet, are about 400 meters long, leading you about in the amazing galleries created by nature itself, and beautifully lit.

The guides that takes you on the trip in the caves are really passionate about their job, which really makes a difference.

On your way to the caves, make sure you stop by the chapel of Sant Miquel.

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