The ethnological park in Caimari features an exhibition of old huts and tools used in prehistory

Excursion to the ethnological park of Caimari, a free open-air museum

Enjoy this authentic outdoor museum, just before entering the village of Caimari itself. This is an obvious place to start a cultural route of Caimari, as the park beautifully displays ancient life in Mallorca and in the Tramuntana mountains.

The ethnological park in Caimari is small, but exhibits some very interesting constructions matching those used back in ancient times of hunting in the Tramuntana. You can see a typical hunting hutt/cabin and a snow house used for storing water.

Entrance to the ethnological park is free and open all day. You enter through a small entrance in the hedge.

How to get to the ethnological park in Caimari


Caimari is a small and sleepy village found at the feet of the Tramuntana and nestled in between thousands of hectares of olive groves, which is also the main economical activity of this area. Caimari has historical references back to the prehistory, which has left a number of marks on the local culture and landmarks evidencing the rich heritage. Caimari is beautiful, tranquil and well connected to the major areas of the island via the road network. Also, Caimari is the starting point of the old pilgrim path leading to the famous Lluc monastery in Tramuntana.

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