Best places for meditation & yoga by the sea on Mallorca

Yoga & meditation on Mallorca

Even though meditation and yoga aren’t in fact the same thing, they are highly related as the mental effects of yoga are calming and balancing on the mind.

Mallorca, which by many people have been highlighted as having a heeling effect, offers so many places in the nature that simply draws you closer to the ground to become one with the nature.

We will tell you the very best places for you to do yoga and meditation on Mallorca, just keep reading.


What is it about Mallorca and this healing effect?

Mallorca have since early days been known for having a healing effect. Some examples of this effect, was highlighted by archduke of Austria, Ludwig Salvatore, and composer Frederick Chopin, who both suffered from lung illnesses. The mild climate and fresh clean air on Mallorca along with the unique eco systems of the mountains, makes the island a paradise for finding the best inner balance.

Beach of cala tuent

Cala Tuent, is probably the best place in free nature to do your meditation and yoga on all of Mallorca. Reason? The beach of Cala Tuent faces directly west, which means the sun sets here. Just sit down, watch and listen to the soft waves that gently glided back and forth in the cove, while the glowing orange sun warms your body and mind. Meditation or yoga at the beach of Cala Tuent, can only be done in the very early morning hours or as said, during the sunset. From 9-10 o’clock, the enormous masses of cyclists and tourists will be overflowing the area down here which is located right next to the popular Sa Colobra.


Formentor has long been known as one of the most scenic places of Mallorca. The peninsula pointing north, offers a great selection of beautiful coves and viewpoints, ideal for cleaning mind and soul with some meditation or yoga exercises in complete tranquility.

Mondragó natural park, Santanyí

Sitting on the rocky hills overlooking the clear water from the peaceful bay of Mondragó meet with the Mediterranean sea, is nothing less than pure therapy.

Mondragó has two stunning beaches, but you want to make the 10 minute climb to these hills where you can be alone with the pine trees, the bushes, flowers and the sea.

Because Mondragó is located south east, you want to come here early in the morning or around midday to get the most beautiful sights.

Coastline between Cala Millor and Cala Bona

Even though Cala Millor and Cala Bona are both very popular tourist destination during the summer, the stunning coastline here should not be lieft out when talking about ideal places for doing a little stretching.

It is not rare to find people sitting on their mats and carpets here in the early morning hours as the sun rises over the glittering water surface.

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