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Sa Fira d’Sóller 2017 – Full program of events, the history and battles


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Sa Fira is the most important event in Sóller, the day we were made

Sa Fira, or simply ‘the fair’, is the most important event in Sóller. This event marks the day when the Mallorcan army defeated the attacking pirates, a battle that went into history.

You can now look forward to 14 days of special events in Sóller.

Mayors words

Sóller mayor, Jaume Servera, expresses his deepest thankfulness to all participating people, volunteers as organizations and companies that makes es Fira possible.

The mayor initiated the official program by greeting the Spring and welcome the time time for this very special event. He reminds all ‘sóllers’, that it is during events such as es Fira that we can relieve our daily stress for a while, and simply enjoy time with friends and family in an indulging atmosphere made of fellowship and community.

Also, Servera encourages the people of Sóller to bear with those who do not fully understand the reason for this party. By this, he refers to the potential traffic stress and unusual amounts of people in the streets during the fair.

Battle of Sóller at Pont d’en Barona (in short)

May 11 1561, 17 pirate ships carrying almost 2000 men attacked Mallorca from the coast of Sóller. The pirates had been waiting at the northern side of Ibiza the day before, and then at 4 o’clock in the night they anchored outside of Sóller and rowed to shore. The plan, was to take the villages on this side of the island by surprise, rape the women, kill the men and steal as much as possible. At this time, piracy was a common military strategy. The kingdom of Ottoman, sent ships into the Mediterranean sea, and then hired pirates to do the dirty jobs and let them keep what they stole.

Clever as the pirates felt, they under estimated the power of strong collaboration and the terrain of the Sóller valley which was unknown to them.

The regal had heard of the pirate ships cruising the coastline of Ibiza from fregats sent by himself, and was able to get that message to Sóller before the pirates attacked. With an army of just 500 men, and some women, the captain of Sóller managed to organize the army at strategic points incorporating the high vegetation as a weapon, and surprise the pirates.

First celebration of the Es Fira pirate vs Mallorcans, was in 1861.

Es fira sóller program

Es fira is set to begin on May 4th, where a conference in honor of the local patrimony and heritage called  “es Firó Soller: celebration, history and heritage”, will take place at the Restaurant Es Canyís (Port de Sóller) at 18:00. The entrance to this conference is free, but with limited seats of course. After this conference, a dinner will take place in the very same restaurant at the amazing price of € 35 (Bookings must be done prior at: 971 717 167).

The entire program of Es Fira is available for download below. Here, we will just go through the day of the big event, the reenacting of May 11, 1561, the day of the battles.

May 15, the day of the pirates

10:00: Memorial ceremony at the monument of heroes of May 11th.

11:00: Special ceremony to honor the brave women of May 11th, followed by a parade of xeremiers (Mallorcan bagpipes).

15:00: The bell rings, enemies have been spotted and farmers must gather at the Plaça dels Estiradors and prepare to fight.

15:30: The captain says a prayer to Our Lady of Victory, and gives encouraging speeches to all peasants ready to fight.

17:00: Arrival of the pirates at the bay of Can Generós, but rejected by fighting villagers.

18:15: This time, the pirates attack on the beach of Can Repic.

19:15: The famous battle of Pont d’en Barona.

20:30: Pirates reaches the main Plaça of Sóller, taking houses and the church by loot.

20:50: The king, Ulutx Ali, claims victory in front of the church.

21:00: Returning farmers, peasants and villagers returns to the village, and at Carrer Lluna, Captain Angelats once again encourages his fellow ‘sollerics’  to fights for their town and for the crown.

21:30: Captain Angelats proclaims victory after another fight!

After this, a parade of all the participating people will follow to the the church of Mare de la Deu de Victoria.

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