albufera wetlands and nature park in alcudia mallorca

The wetlands and nature reserve of s’Albufera, is one of the biggest of its kind on Mallorca, and an excellent area for birdwatching

This area has a total of 2,580 hectares, and some 200 different species of wildlife. Especially the eels from s’Albefera, are particular known and loved by locals, a real local deli that is often used in the Mallorcan closed pies “Espinagades”.

The name of s’Albefera, derives from Moorish times on Mallorca, hence “albufera” means laguna.

In the 1800’s, a British company bought the area for industrial purposes, but went bankrupt. However, they did start building here, and today you can still see the remains of pipes.

Due to the expanding mass tourism on Mallorca, the area was declared a protected reserve in 1985.


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