sa dragonera island and nature park with much balearic wildlife

Sa Dragonera is an island and a nature park found off the west coast of Mallorca. The name of the island comes from the unique shape that makes it look like the back of a dragon.

Sa Dragonera offers scenic and fertile vegetation, and a varied wildlife to explore as you make your way through the beautiful unspoiled nature.

The island measures almost 4 kilometre in length and 1 kilometre in width. Highest point is Puig de na Pòpia at 360 metre.

Sa Dragonera is a part of the Tramuntana mountain range. Actually, the mountain range has it roots all the way south of Malagá from where it springs on the bottom of the sea.

Highlights of Sa Dragonera

Beside from the scenic and unspoiled nature of Dragonera, you will also meet some of the inhabitants, namely the black lizards. If you have ever passed or stopped by a souvenir shop in Mallorca, you will most likely have noticed various articles featuring lizards. This is because these black lizards are iconic to Mallorca. They live all over Mallorca, but on Sa Dragonera they are so used to human contact that it is possible to hand feed them. A great part of these lizards live in the area of the dock so you are almost certain to meet them.

In the most southern end of Sa Dragonera, you will find the lighthouse of Llebeig, and close to this, the remains of medieval watchtower of same name. The old watchtower was built in 1580, when pirate attacks against Mallorca was on its highest. Even though only the remains of the old watchtower are left, you can still enjoy the magical views of the sea from up here.

One of the walking routes leads to the highest point of Sa Dragonera, Puig de na Pòpia, offering the most breathtaking panoramic views, an absolute must-see viewpoint, very instagrammable!

A bit of history of Sa Dragonera

Sa Dragonera has been used by humans for centuries. Up through the 15th, 16th and 17th century, Sa Dragonera was used as camp site for pirates and smugglers who could hide and plan their attacks on trade ships off the coast.

Up through the 1960’s and 70’s, several groups of investors purchased the island with plan on turning it into a luxury resort featuring hotel, casino, restaurants, bars, tennis courts etc. However, a group of environmental activists wanted it different. They had seen the consequences of the high impact of tourism in Mallorca, and would not allow for Sa Dragonera to be industrialized. It took a decade to fight the battle, but in 1988 the investor group surrendered and ended up selling the property to the Balearic government. After the transaction, the Balearic government chose to declare it protected nature reserve, along with the two smaller islands, Illa de Pantaleu and Illa de Mediana, close to Dragonera.


How to get to Sa Dragonera

Getting to Sa Dragonera is fairly simple. There are two ways:

1. Booking a ticket at Cruceros Margarita. The boat departure from the docks at Sant Elm and will take you across the strait in less than 15 minutes. When you book, you need to say when you want to go back from the island. The boat sails every 30 minutes during high season. Information below.

2. From the docks of Santa Ponca, catamaran boats departure multiple times a day. These trips will get you an hour at Sa Dragonera, which is not enough to walk any of the trails, but you will meet the lizards and get a glimse and feeling of the amazing reserve.


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