The Dragonera island and nature park in Mallorca is an attraction to visit

Illa sa Dragonera

One of the most outstanding and spectacular nature parks of Mallorca is actually an island off the coast of Mallorca, namely the Dragonera island. Dragonera was declared protected nature reserve in the 1970’s, after years of political wrangling between nature activists and government. Dragonera has its name from its curious shape that reminds us of a dragon’s back.

S'Albufera wetlands and nature park in Mallorca

S’Albufera wetlands

S’Albufera is a large wetland located south of Platja de Muro and Port d’Alcúdia which covers a surface of more than 2,500 hectares of Balearic wildlife. S’Albufera is home a wide variety of indigenous species, and there are numerous trails leading about between the many lagoons for you to get really close to the beautiful nature and its natural inhabitants.

fonts ufanes nature park in campanet

Ses Fonts Ufanes

Ses Fonts Ufanes is a stunning nature reserve located north of Campanet, known for its unique hydro-geological system that has been studied by universities from all over the world. This self-sufficient irrigation system makes sure that even during long dry periods, there is always green in the reserve. Ses Fonts Ufanes is a wonderful and refreshing place to walk and accessible to everyone.

The beaches of Mondrago park in Mallorca is a major attraction

Mondragó Park

Mondragó is a beautiful nature reserve found by the coast in the very southeastern part of Mallorca. Mondragó is a 800 hectares paradise of nearly 200 different species of Balearic wildlife that you will explore close hand, as you follow along the many paths and trails while enjoying the fresh breezes of the sea gently touching your face. Mondragó is renown for being home to two of the best beaches in Mallorca, both located right in the heart of the park surrounded by the beautiful vegetation.

llevant mountains in mallorca

Llevant nature Park

Llevant nature park is located in the most northern part of the Llevant mountain range, in the northeastern part of the island. The nature park is a highly popular place for hikers and cyclists to go.

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