The oenological station in Felanitx was the only wine research center in Mallorca

The oenological station in Felanitx, was built in 1913 as a direct response to the destruction of phylloxera. The goal, was to recreate the glory of the 1800th century heyday as a production mecca for high-quality white wine. A revitalization of the wine industry, was needed after the phylloxera’s rampage throughout Europe in the late 1800s.

The government of Spain adopted a reform in 1892, which would ensure the continued development of the wine industry in Spain, the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands. This meant, that a number of these oenological stations could be set up in the major wine regions throughout Spain, and serve as research centres in oenology.

Some central agendas for the oenological station in Felanitx, was to classify different regional varieties, find the health impact of wines and vinegars, to train apprentices and coming winemakers, advising winemakers and sommeliers based on analyzes of the wine market, both nationally and internationally – all to ensure differentiation and thereby seek to strengthen the competitiveness of Mallorca.

The oenological station of Felanitx, was designed by the engineer Arnest Mestre in Artigas, who was also director of the station. It’s a very distinctive building, with beautiful carvings and an impressive main entrance. The elongated building the entire 77 meters, is located on Passeig de Ramon Llul at the western end of Felanitx.

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Felanitx is one of those areas that has the full package; charm, nature, history, beaches, mountains, countryside, beaches and lots of soul. The area has been inhabited since prehistorical times, which has left several marks on the local culture and self-perception of the people. Moreover, Felanitx is home to a wide range of interesting attractions to go see i.e. the Sant Salvador sanctuary, the stunning Sant Miquel church, the old oenological research center, the Augustine convent, the rocky fortress of Santueri and much more. The heart and soul of Felanitx is present everywhere you turn, especially if you visit during one of the many annual festivities or fairs in town where traditions are celebrated. Felanitx is also home to the charming harbor area of Portocolom, an old fishing village with lots of great restaurants to enjoy an authentic and tasteful dish of meats or seafood.

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