Church of Sant Bartomeu in Montuïri Mallorca

This is the old church of Montuïri, first time mentioned in a bull by Pove Innocent IV in 1248. At this time, the church was dedicated to Saint Peter, and located at the highest place in Montuïri, where the windmill district was built later on.

The current construction is placed at Plaça Major, in the very center of the medieval village. This building was constructed in the 14th century, and dedicated to Sant Bartomeu.

In 1515, the ceiling of the church was renovated, and in 1552, the tower went though a major renovation. Due to a growing congregation, the church was expanded in the late 1500’s.

During a great renovation work in the 1950’s, a lot of Gothic elements was found behind the walls.

The church of Sant Bartomeu, is built on a plateau of stones. The 12-step stairway that leads you to the main entrance, was built in 1813, and is known as “Es Graons“. Over the main entrance to the church, you will see the coat of arms hanging, this is from 1643.

The interior is a single ship, flanked by 6 side chapels. The ceiling is decorated by 6 beautiful paintings of religious motives.

The lunettes separating the chapels, each contain an oculus eye with the reliefs of different saints. In the bottom of the church, you will see a great gallery of paintings, created by Jaume Martorell, back in 1775.

The choir, at the apse, holds the stunning alter, created by Josep Sastre Tamorer, in 1789. At the very top of this alter, you will see Sant Bartomeu, the saint of Montuïri.

In front of the church, you will see a statue of Father Antonio Martorell i Miralles, a son of Montuïri. After 38 years of service in Rome, he returned to Mallorca in 1970, to revive the Mallorcan church music. He was also the founder of the pastoral music festival held in Palma each year.

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About Montuïri

No other municipality in Mallorca reflects more historical eras of the island than Montuïri, it is like an open air museum of cultural heritage. The municipality is located in the most mountainous area of the Pla region, the southern part, allowing you to enjoy both rural countryside charm and discover breathtaking panoramic views from the summit of the hills.

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