Placeta del Jardinet


Passeig del Rei and Placeta del Jardinet, is scene to a big part of the cafe, bar and restaurant life in Esporles

The name refers to the king, Juan Carlos I, but before this, the passage was named after dictator Francisco Franco.

Across the street, you find the ‘Placeta del Jardinet’, that up until the beginning of the 19th century was a religious place called ‘Tanca de sa Capelleta’, where a chapel and a cemetery was situated.

During the brutal epidemic of the Spanish flu in 1918, causing large amounts of deaths, the cemetery was moved to the outskirts of town for capacity and hygiene reasons.

During the Franco regime, the name of this square was ‘Plaza de Gabriel Palmer’, named after the mayor of Esporles. In 1985, during the democratic transformation of Spain, the name was ‘Plaza de la Constitución’, as it was in this era the Spanish constitution was founded.

In 2004, the town council decided to remove the chapel that was here, and put up a memorial of those who lost their lives during the Spanish flu.


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Esporles is a charming and idyllic little mountain village found less than a half an hour from Palma. Esporles is renown for its scenic and beautiful nature comprising a diverse collection of Mediterranean wildlife making it highly attractive place for hikers and cyclists. However, Esporles is also renown for its major tourist attraction, the Granja finca and ethnological museum, which is one of the most popular exhibitions on the island. Moreover, Esporles is known for its Sweets & Pastries fair, the Fira Dolce d’Esporles held every year in October. There are many reasons for you to come and visit Esporles and explore the surrounding area.

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