Es Sindicat

ruins of former wine distillery called es sindicat located in felanitx mallorca

The story of es Sindicat

It was the director of the oenelogical station; Arnest Mestre in Artigas, who got the idea for a new and very comprehensive project, to make Felanitx to the wine capital of Mallorca.
Together with the President of the island’s agriculture association, Bartholomew Vaquer Veny and banker in town, Miquel Caldentey Tallades, he began the preparation of Es Sindicat in 1919 (the syndicate, federal).

The stunning building was designed by the modernist architect Guillem Forteza Piña, was ready in 1922.

The purpose of Es Sindicat was to create a unified wine production that could manage the production of wine for many winegrowers in the area, which did not have the capital or resources to operate a production. Thus, they managed to gather all partners (socios) under one common brand and be stronger together against competition in neighboring cities.

In 1990, after many decades of high turnover and good liquidity, the corporation starts to show serious signs of decline. A sharp reduction in the workforce and a debt of more than 130 million pesetas, forcing the company under administration of the bank.

Two years later, in 1992, the building was bought on the forced sale of Bodega Pau Ripoll Pol de Benissalem, with a British investor group in the back, with the hope to revive Es Sindicat.

As you will see, the building stands the completely empty, as it has since 1992. No one has yet managed to find a way to do business from the magnificent building. Felanitx municipality, has repeatedly tried to buy back the building from the British investor group, but has not yet been possible due to the huge price.


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Felanitx (Felanich)

Felanitx is one of those areas that has the full package; charm, nature, history, beaches, mountains, rural countryside and lots of soul, it’s a cultural treasure. The area has been inhabited since prehistorical times, which has left several marks on the local culture and self-perception of the people. Moreover, Felanitx is home to a wide range of interesting attractions to go see i.e. the Sant Salvador sanctuary, the stunning Sant Miquel church, the old oenelogical research center, the Augustine convent, the rocky fortress of Santueri and much more. The heart and soul of Felanitx is present everywhere you turn, especially if you visit during one of the many annual festivities or fairs in town where traditions are celebrated. Felanitx is also home to the charming harbor area of Portocolom, an old fishing village with lots of great restaurants to enjoy an authentic and tasteful dish of meats or seafood.

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