10 municipalities in Mallorca are free of Corona

Currently, the cumulative incidence of Covid-19 cases in Mallorca is at 163 per 100,000 inhabitants. In these numbers we see municipalities making the situation better and municipalities making it worse.

The incidence of the Covid-19 virus in Mallorca is clearly in a downward going trend, with 163 cases per 100,000 inhabitants as of today, one step from from entering the stage of medium risk.

However, in 10 of Mallorca’s municipalities, the Covid seems to have momentarily disappeared. According to data provided by the Ministry of Health, the Covid-free areas in Mallorca are: Sineu, Banyalbufar, Búger, Campanet, Costitx, Deià, Estellencs, Fornalutx, Lloret de Vistalegre and Maria de la Salut.

In other municipalities, however, the situation still critical as the incidents exceeds the average amount of daily cases per inhabitants. On this list we find areas such as Manacor and Sóller standing out, presumably because of higher concentrations in the populations in these areas. The towns with the highest cumulative incidence of coronavirus are Escorca, with 471 cases; Sóller, with 423; Puigpunyent, with 347; Vilafranca, with 384; Ariany, with 345, Manacor, with 335 cases, and Porreres, with 272. The cumulative incidence in Escorca and Ariany is very insignificant as they have such a small populations.

Palma has a cumulative incidence of 186 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, a municipality that continues to stay in a stage of high risk. But some neighborhoods are still in a situation of maximum risk, as evidenced by the incidence in their reference health centers, such as Pere Garau, Son Rutlan, Polígon de Llevant, Camp Redó and Escola Graduada.

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