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This weekend Selva celebrates the cross

Today, April 29 2017, the fair and celebration of the cross is officially open.

This traditional event, will be running all weekend until May 5th, and we’re as always looking forward to a week of good atmosphere and great food.

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The legend and tradition of the crosses in Selva

Legend has it, that every year on May 3rd in Selva, the crosses are to be worshiped by processions, and the fields of crops and fruits will be blessed.

This tradition has been since the Middle Ages, and is important to the people of Selva. Now spring has once again come to Mallorca, and it is time for us to seek the blessing of the crosses.

We will use this opportunity to mark the great spirit of Selva, with a festive week of traditional events and much fun.

This year’s celebration of the cross features many physical activities, cultural events, music performances and of course the traditional paella picnic in nearby Biniamar.

Highlights of the celebration

The celebration starts Saturday around 16:00 in front of the town hall of Selva. Here, the festivities kicks off with various sports activities such as sprints and a football match.

Later Saturday night, there will be a traditional gathered eating in the center of the town, and later on, DJ Biel Castell will make the town dance all night.

On Sunday at 10:00, you can enjoy a free locally guided tour around Selva learning about the specific area called Camarata, which is one of the most important area of the town and home of the Cross of Camarata. Guides will be, Francesca Rotger and Arnau Amer.

Monday is the traditional paella picnic. You can follow the group from the Placa de la Camarata from 10:00, or you can join in at 13:00 at the picnic in the sa Comuna (public park) of Biniamar.

Tuesday at 18:30, enjoy a fantastic choreographic performance by the School of Rhythmic Gymnastics of Selva, directed by Antonia Sastre.

Early Wednesday at 9:00, there will be a parade of xeremiers (Mallorcan bagpipes) through town.

At 10:45, the fair and market of the Cross celebration will open up. The market, is traditional to other Mallorcan markets, but will naturally focus much more on crops and fruits, as this is why we are here. On the fair, you can sample some fresh local produce, buy plants and flowers and crafts. The fair and market continues all Thursday.

On Friday May 5th, the Celebration of the Cross ends. If architecture has your interest, you can stick around till 20:30 where the book ‘Inns & Houses of Mallorca’  will be presented.

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