Parish church of Santa Eugènia Mallorca

At the highest point in the village of Santa Eugènia, you will find the parish church, Església Parroquial del Santa Eugènia.

In 1523, the inhabitants of Santa Eugènia stood up to the bishop, requiring a church to be built, instead of having to walk to the bigger town of Santa Maria del Cami.

At this point, the congregation of the village had grown rapidly the past years, and the general wealth of the town was increasing.

The bishop, Joan Vich i Manrique, had no choice but to grant the inhabitant’s wish, and the construction of the first real church of Santa Eugènia could bu started.

The church you look at today, is an expanded version of the first temple, which was done in the years between 1699 and 1716.

The Puríssima chapel, was built in 1839-41, the bell tower in 1850 and the transept between 1863-69.

The church, was made parish church in 1913, at the time of Santa Eugènia’s independence as a municipality.

How to get to the church of Santa Eugènia

Santa Eugènia

Santa Eugènia is a tranquil and beautiful place to visit and stay, and, located just 10 minutes from Palma. There is a great deal of things to do in Santa Eugènia, for example, walk on the holy hill of Seguí, visit the outdoor rocky chapel of Lourdes, enjoy the views from the old mill district, go to the Zoo, explore the streets of the village, visit the market on Tuesdays or attend one of the many annual festivities.

Things to do in Santa Eugènia

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