Església de Sant Julià

neoclassicist style church of sant julia in campos town mallorca spain

Enjoy a visit inside the amazing temple of Saint Julian in Campos

The church construction you see today is actually the third of its kind on the very location. The very first church in Campos was built back in 1248, and was nothing but a moderate chapel.

The church was inaugurated in 1873, after many years of postponement of the project. However, the amazing bell tower was actually built between 1584 and 1597, because at that time, it functioned as a watchtower, the first of its kind in Campos. On top of the bell tower you see a sculpture of the patron saint of Campos, Saint Julian.

The church carries an architectural style of Neoclassicism. However, it is inside of the church you shall find the most impressive features. When stepping inside, at a glance you notice the detailed decorated coffed ceiling which is quite rare and unique.

Seven side chapels flanks the transept in this Catholic basilica styled temple. In the choir, you will find the most important treasure, the Gothic altarpiece made by famous Mallorcan sculptor Gabriel Móger.

In the chapel of “Good Jesus of Patience” you will see a painting by famous religious painter from Sevilla, Bartolomé Esteban Murillo. In the chapel of “Corpus i Nom de Jesús“ you will find an altarpiece made by Rafael Blanquer, son of famous Mallorcan sculptor, Jaume Blanquer.


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Campos is a typical agricultural area where rural charm and traditions fills the atmosphere everywhere you turn. The area carries a long and rich cultural heritage evidenced in the many landmarks, the religious constructions and the annual fairs held in the town. Campos has gradually become a more popular holiday base due to the many luxury finca hotels and agroturismos (farms) that allows for full relaxation and serenity in charming and tranquil settings.

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