Santa Tecla is the main church of Biniamar

Visit the small church of Santa Tecla, or have a refreshment by one of the coze bars next to it

This small church in the centre of Biniamar, was built in first half of the seventeenth century. Two centuries later it was renovated and extended.

This is a very simple construction, with rectangular walls and an irregular heap of stones.

Although these archaic characteristics, the interior shows some early Baroque influences in the use of the barrel vault.

The temple is dedicated Santa Tecla, who guards a relic honored at the festival on September 23 in his name. Santa Tecla corresponds to the provost of Tarragona (Catalonia), whom had a leading part of the conquest of Mallorca.

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Biniamar is a cute little village with a big heart. Biniamar is an old industrial mining area, which is evidenced in the may limestone ovens attached to properties all over the area, some of which has been declared cultural heritage monuments. Biniamar is mainly popular amongst cyclists, walkers and holidaymakers looking for a more isolated base in domestic settings.

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