Monastery of Santo Domingo in Inca

Enjoy this beautiful old church and monastery, that used to belong to the Dominican monks of Inca.

This former Dominican monastery, is situated close to the center of Inca city, in the street of same name. The Dominican monastery, is a beautiful sight to see during your trip down the streets of Inca.

The monastery, was built between 1664 and 1689. A walk inside this beautiful old building, reveals the sacred lives of the monks. Enjoy a stroll around the green courtyard, and the many paintings inside. There’s also a church attached to the monastery, as well as the city library.

The Dominican monks lost the monastery of Santo Domingo, back in 1835, when prime minister of Spain, Juan Mendizábal, seized all monasteries in Spain, and sold them to private investors, in order to collect money to support Queen Isabella II, in the first Carlist war.

Today, the monastery is used as public offices.

How to get to the Dominican monastery of Santo Domingo


Inca is the third largest city in Mallorca, and famous for its production of leather goods and footwear. Inca is a great shopping and dining area, there are hundreds of shops and a wide variety of great restaurants in all price ranges. Inca boasts Mallorcan cultural heritage with iots many points of interest and attractions to see, i.e. the beautiful parish church, the Dominican monastery, the museum of footwear production, the Santa Margalida hermitage etc. One of the best times to visit Inca, is on Thursdays when the weekly tourist market is held, filling up the streets with hundreds of thousands of visitors who come to bargain the best prices on clothes, leather goods, shoes etc.

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