Església de Sant Joan Baptista


The church of Deià is blessed with the most amazing views overlooking the coastline and valley

The church was originally built in 1497, on top of a former defence tower. At this time, the church was dedicated to Our Lady of Rosary.

From the beginning of the 16th century, more precisely in 1511, the church of Deià had a baptistery installed, and some 20 years later, the church was granted authority to perform funerals, to much happiness of the inhabitants of Deià who no longer had to go to the nearby town of Valldemossa.

In 1584, the church was given its current name, dedicated to Sant Joan Baptista (John the Baptist).

In 1752, a terrible fire destroyed much of the church, and it took almost a century to rebuild it. During these works, the Deià church had its bell tower constructed. The last part that has went through renovation, is the presbytery, which was done in 1958.

The trip to the church of Deià is very hard, as the road up here is extremely steep and not for weak legs or hearts. The views that awaits you up here, is however, worth the struggle!

The first view that strikes you, is the two canons preserved from the 15th century, when this place served as a defence tower. Between those, is a small sculpture of a Balearic goat head, a race that was discovered by archaeologist Henry Wandren, who is also buried up here, with company from Robert Graves and other historic personalities, who have dedicated their lives to Mallorca.


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Deià, or Deya, is undoubtedly one of the most romantic areas in Mallorca, which is also evidenced in the many wedding ceremonies held every year. The natural beauty of Deià has been the main attraction force of the many artists who has been here for inspiration, which has given the village its alias as “village of artists”. Every step you take opens new amazing views, colors so deep that they can’t be imitated; simply a fairyland. Deià is home to a nice handful of attractions, such as the Son Marroig estate with its iconic marble pavilion, the house of Robert Graves, the archaeological museum and the church of Joan Baptista crowning the village from its hilltop position. You have every reason in the world to visit Deià.

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