Parròquia de Sant Miquel de Felanitx

parish church of felanitx mallorca sant miquel

The church of Felanitx is dedicated to Sant Miquel (Saint Michael) and servicing as a parish church.

The church was built between the 16th and 17th century, in various architectural styles which makes it very unique.

The transept of the church is built in Neo-Gothic style, but it is the main entrance that makes this church eminent. It is a splendid example of the Spanish Churrigueresque architecture, which origins from the late Baroque, and is characterized by its explicit detailing. Churrigueresque is often times referred to as “Ultra Baroque”.

The church of Sant Miquel has enormous dimensions, it measures 44 metres in length, 13 metres in width and 17 metres in height. Originally, the church construction was much smaller, but instead of raising the ceiling, which would be the common practice, the floor was actually sunk.

Inside the church, you will find a beautiful Gothic altarpiece, with the image of Virgin Mary and the Immaculate Conception. The massive window, displays scenes from the four gospels.

On the exterior wall of the church you can see a memorial plate in memory of 414 people who died here on Easter Sunday, 1844, when the wall collapsed and buried them under the bricks.

In many ways, the church of Sant Miquel here in Felanitx is a great sight that should not be missed out on if the opportunity arises.

The stone carved staircase that leads up to the main entrance is actually also considered a monument in the town.


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Felanitx (Felanich)

Felanitx is one of those areas that has the full package; charm, nature, history, beaches, mountains, rural countryside and lots of soul, it’s a cultural treasure. The area has been inhabited since prehistorical times, which has left several marks on the local culture and self-perception of the people. Moreover, Felanitx is home to a wide range of interesting attractions to go see i.e. the Sant Salvador sanctuary, the stunning Sant Miquel church, the old oenelogical research center, the Augustine convent, the rocky fortress of Santueri and much more. The heart and soul of Felanitx is present everywhere you turn, especially if you visit during one of the many annual festivities or fairs in town where traditions are celebrated. Felanitx is also home to the charming harbor area of Portocolom, an old fishing village with lots of great restaurants to enjoy an authentic and tasteful dish of meats or seafood.

Felanitx things to do, market, hotel

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