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Accommodation offers in Llucmajor

Great hotel chains such as Meriott and Iberostar has seen the potential of Llucmajor, and they clearly wouldn’t be here if the area had nothing to offer. Both of these hotels are close to the amazing championship golf court of Son Antem, that yearly attracts thousands of eager golf players who come to put their handicap to the test.

In the more urban part of Llucmajor, you’ll find some small boutique and petit hotels, that’ll provide you with a charming setting.

Around the municipality, lies a bunch of holiday homes and fincas, ready to seclude you in luxury with modern facilities, and rustic charm in the beautiful countryside.


Things to see around Llucmajor

Strolling down the streets of Llucmajor, you’ll be seeing some great old mansions dating back from the 1800’s, when Llucmajor was a major industrial area with both wine production and shoe production.

Somewhere around the the core center of the city, you’ll find a great statue of Prince Jaume, son of King Jaume III, on a horse carrying his fathers dead body while showing the flag of Mallorca. King Jaume III was the first real king of Mallorca , and fought for the independence of the the island. This is a huge part of the Mallorcan culture.

Also, south of Llucmajor itself, you’ll find the amazing remains of an ancient village, dating back from talayotic times (some 800 BC), the Capocorp Vell.

Remember, Llucmajor is only about 20 minutes drive from the capital of Palma de Mallorca.

Sights in Llucmajor

La Caixa

Sights in Llucmajor

Hotel Espanya

Prehistoric sites

Capocorp Vell

Sights in Llucmajor

Monument of King James III

Sights in Llucmajor

Placeta del Sabater

Sights in Llucmajor


Sights in Llucmajor

Ca ses Xilenes

Llucmajor is quite the popular destination, many athletes and “average Joe” exercisers, come here to enjoy nature’s own offerings all year round.
No matter what activities you’re looking to elaborate in Mallorca, Llucmajor will provide a great location for these. Some of the more popular physical activities in the area include, golfing (of course), tennis, hiking and cycling. Also, make sure to head down to the southern coastlines, to enjoy the crystal clear waters.

On Wednesdays, the official market day in the city is held. Here you can get a taste of local produce, crafts, or simply enjoy the atmosphere of Mallorcans and tourists mingle. It is also an excellent occasion to sample local wines, meats, cheeses, and other delicacies the area is known for.

Llucmajor has played a crucial role in Majorca’s history, which in itself creates a backdrop to a visit here, a historic city.

Llucmajor is in an initial phase change, from being a solely industrial area to becoming a more tourist oriented destination. The reason for this, is to be found in the stunning beaches just 8 miles south from the city center, the magnificent hotels, and access to several well-known golf courses.

Moreover, Llucmajor has for many years been known as a cyclist Mecca, and you will readily understand why.

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