Discover and explore the local area of Felanitx with this insider tour guide

Felanitx is a wonderful town and area located in the eastern part of Mallorca. Felanitx includes popular destinations such as Costa del Pins, Calas de Mallorca and Cala Murada.

felanitx local tour guide

Felanitx, is the old wine capital of Mallorca. The area has a rich and fascinating history, exhibited in the building walls, monuments and old fortresses.

The “felanitxeris” (men) and “felanitxeras” (women), are a proud people and they love their city.

Felanitx, is also quite the artistic hub.

Felanitx has a lot to offer when it comes to sights and points of interest!

Some of the things will require strong legs, as they are located places where vehicles won’t fit.

However, most sights in and around Felanitx are easily accessible by car. We have gathered for you a cultural route to follow that will take you through the most important places of interest in Felanitx.

Expect a cultural journey through times, with a lot of surprises.

Sights in Felanitx

Es Sindicat

Sights in Felanitx

Oenological Station

Monasteries & Convents

Convent of Sant Augustin

Sights in Felanitx

The old church of Felanitx

Churches in Mallorca

Parish Church of Sant Miquel

Sights in Felanitx

Ca’n Prohens

Monasteries & Convents

Sanctuary of Sant Salvador

The restaurants in Felanitx, serves a nice mix of classic Spanish dishes.

Beef tenderloin with estragon sauce, is known as a favorite of both locals and visitors of Felanitx, of course served by a warm and smiling staff in charming rustic surroundings where the food can be enjoyed in peace and quiet.

Go on authentic manor holiday in Felanitx

The accommodation in Felanitx, mainly consists of small petit hotels, B & B’s, as well as small country houses and inns. But Felanitx is also an obvious choice for a manor holiday, or perhaps a holiday by the water. You see, Felanitx is one of the bigger municipalities in Mallorca, and covers, besides the city itself, also over thousands hectares of beautiful land and the charming Porto Colom.

If you come to visit Felanitx during the summer months, the choice is likely to fall on Porto Colom, but in autumn, winter and spring, the countryside around Felanitx is great for a sports holiday or just a nice get-away destination.

Felanitx, is a popular destination for a lot of athletes who come here to enjoy the many amenities of the nature.
Active holidays in Mallorca, are becoming more popular each year, namely because of areas such as Felanitx where hiking trails, country roads, MTB routes, golf and tennis courts are countless.

Beaches near Felanitx

If you drive to the coast, you will meet up with numerous small natural beaches, completely unspoiled and in peace of wind and noise. Of major beaches in the area, you can use Cala Murada, just south of Porto Colom, which in the summer months features beach bar, lifeguards and sun loungers.

North of Porto Colom, you will find the newly built Cales de Mallorca, a family-oriented tourist resort that offers three small fine beaches.

Every Sunday morning at. 8:00, Felanitx opens for the weekly market in the city.

It takes place behind the big parish church, centrally located in the city.

At the marketplace, you can let your senses seduce with a colorful and aromatic selection of fresh fruit, meat, fish, flowers, sweet almonds and figs.

Felanitx is located in the south eastern part of Mallorca, bordering municipalities such as Campos, Santanyí and Manacor.

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