The old limestone factories and remnants of these, exhibit the time of industrialization in Biniamar

The areas surrounding Selva and Biniamar was during last century home of a big mine industry. Especially charcoal and limestone, were big both industries here.

As you can see from the road, the cylinder peeking up from the private estate was during the 1900’s a limestone factory, producing lime. After most of the industry was either moved or closed due to damage of the nature, the old ovens was declared cultural heritage, but the properties were sold to private owners.

How to find the limestone factories in Biniamar


Biniamar is a cute little village with a big heart. Biniamar is an old industrial mining area, which is evidenced in the may limestone ovens attached to properties all over the area, some of which has been declared cultural heritage monuments. Biniamar is mainly popular amongst cyclists, walkers and holidaymakers looking for a more isolated base in domestic settings.

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