Beautiful beach and cove in a bay on Mallorca island, Balearic Islands, Spain.

Welcome to Mallorca, a beloved Balearic island famed for its breathtaking beaches. With a coastline stretching over 550 kilometres, Mallorca offers a diverse array of beach experiences to suit every traveller’s taste. Whether you’re seeking secluded coves tucked away amidst rugged cliffs or lively resorts buzzing with activity, Mallorca has it all. Read on to discover the best beaches this stunning island has to offer.

1. Playa de Muro 

Nestled along the northeastern coast of Mallorca, Playa de Muro boasts a slice of paradise with its long stretch of golden sands gently lapped by clear, azure waters. Here, you’ll find an array of hotels and beach bars lining the shore, as well as plenty of sunbed rentals available, ensuring comfort and convenience for all visitors.

Need a break from sunbathing? Dive into the exciting world of water sports or simply lounge under the shade of a beach bar. What’s even better? The shallow waters are perfect for little ones to splash around safely. Plus, nature enthusiasts will adore the nearby S’Albufera Natural Park, adding a touch of wilderness to your beach retreat. Playa de Muro truly offers something for everyone.

2. Cala Agulla

The stunning Cala Agulla is situated about 80 kilometres from Palma. Visitors will be greeted by a breathtaking setting surrounded by lush pine forests and rugged mountains. But the real star of the show? The pristine waters that earned Cala Agulla its coveted Blue Flag status. Crystal-clear and inviting, they’re a dream for both swimmers and snorkellers, offering glimpses into an underwater world teeming with marine life.

If you’re looking to explore beyond the shoreline, Cala Agulla is more than just a pretty face. Nearby, you’ll find hiking trails weaving through the scenic landscape, perfect for adventurers and nature lovers craving an escape into the great outdoors. There’s also a variety of water sports activities available, from kayaking to paddleboarding. Whether you’re seeking serenity or adventure, Cala Agulla has it all.

3. Es Trenc

Es Trenc is one of Mallorca’s hidden gems that’s often likened to the Caribbean. Its pristine white sands and turquoise waters stretch endlessly, offering a remote, untouched escape. Unlike some of Mallorca’s more developed beaches, Es Trenc is a designated protected area, with minimal development and ongoing efforts for conservation, offering visitors a sense of tranquillity and seclusion. 


The allure of Es Trenc doesn’t end with its stunning scenery. Nearby, you’ll find unique features such as the mesmerising salt flats. Keep your eyes peeled for local wildlife such as migratory birds and marine species which thrive in this pristine habitat.

While Es Trenc may feel secluded, it still offers convenient facilities for visitors, including beach bars, showers, and sunbed rentals. Looking to explore further? Nearby attractions include the charming village of Campos and the historic salt-producing town of Colonia de Sant Jordi. 

4. Cala Varques 

Cala Varques is a secluded gem, perfect if you don’t like to share the beach with too many others. To access this hidden paradise, you can park on a lane near the Calas de Mallorca and then venture on a 15-minute walk down to the cove for a tranquil escape from the bustling crowds. Prepare to be enchanted by its unspoiled beauty, with pristine sands caressed by crystal-clear waters. 

What truly sets Cala Varques apart is its untouched charm, with minimal facilities allowing nature to take centre stage. If you’re the type of beachgoer who enjoys curling up with a good book in the sun, with only the lapping waves as your soundtrack, this is the place for you. Embrace the serenity as you bask in the Spanish rays or take a refreshing dip in the sea. Cala Varques invites you to experience Mallorca’s raw beauty in its purest form.

5. Playa de Port Pollensa

Playa de Port Pollensa is the white sandy beach of Puerto Pollensa. Close to many of the luxury seaside villas in Mallorca, it’s a beloved destination for families seeking sun, sea, and relaxation. Its gently sloping beach makes it ideal for little ones to paddle safely, while parents soak up the Mediterranean sunshine. But it’s not just about the beach; Playa de Port Pollensa offers a stunning backdrop of mountains and a picturesque Pine Walk promenade for leisurely strolls. 

For those wanting to make a splash, there are an array of water sports available such as windsurfing and paddleboarding, while boat rentals offer a chance to explore the coast’s hidden gems. There are also many restaurants, cafes, and shops available in close reach, meaning you can easily spend the whole day relaxing. With its family-friendly atmosphere and range of activities, Playa de Port Pollensa promises a memorable holiday for all.

6. Cala Mondragó 

Cala Mondragó is a place where tranquillity meets natural beauty. Nestled within the protected nature area of the Natural Park of Mondragó, this pristine beach offers a serene retreat from the hustle and bustle. Sink your toes into the fine white sands and wade into the calm, shallow turquoise waters for a rejuvenating experience. If you like to mix your beach day up, visitors can explore the surrounding areas and embark on a picturesque walking trail. 

Despite its remote feel, Cala Mondragó provides convenient facilities including restaurants and a big public car park, seamlessly blending modern comforts with its untouched surroundings. Get ready to immerse yourself in Mallorca’s breathtaking natural beauty at Cala Mondragó.

7. Cala Mesquida 

The beautiful Cala Mesquida Bay is a rugged paradise surrounded by dunes and pine forests, located about 6 kilometres to the north of Cala Ratjada. Here, you’ll discover a large expanse of soft sand gently met by clear, shallow waters. Lose yourself in the raw beauty of the surroundings, where towering dunes and fragrant pine trees create a picturesque backdrop for your beach day.

Despite its remote feel, Cala Mesquida offers essential facilities such as beach bars and sunbed rentals, ensuring a comfortable experience for visitors. Nearby attractions include hiking trails through the scenic landscape and opportunities for birdwatching amongst the lush greenery. Prepare to be captivated by the untamed beauty of Cala Mesquida.


Mallorca’s beaches offer something for everyone, from tranquil hideaways to vibrant coastal hubs. Whether you crave relaxation or adventure, Mallorca’s diverse coastline promises unforgettable experiences. So, pack your sun cream and beach towel, and get ready to discover the beauty of this Mediterranean gem.