Sant Felip Nerí

church and oratory of sant felip neri in porreres village mallorca

The Sant Felip Neri oratory is a beautiful and impressive piece of work situated in Porreres

The church and oratory of Sant Felip Neri was built between 1885 and 1911. It is situated in the heart of the charming rural village of Porreres.

The building was generously donated by local priest, Joan Barceló Mora, who bequeathed the plot to the congregation of Porreres.

The building project was officially started in 1885, by Pere de Alcántara Peña and Joan Sureda, who together, designed and created the beautiful facade of the church.

The church has a single nave, with associated four side chapels with thin cross vaults in the ceiling.

During the 1960’s, the congregation saw a staggering decline in members due to their old age, and there was no younger members to take over the administration. In 1988, the congregation of Porreres became officially merged with the congregation in Palma due to the lack of money and resources. The liturgical services was only held in Palma and only in the weekends

The congregation of Palma denied to fund maintenance of the church and left it abandoned.

In 1998, nearly 10 years after the merging with the congregation of Palma, the church of Sant Felip Nerí saw a new hope. Younger generations of volunteers started to show interest in rebuilding the church and reestablish the local congregation in Porreres. The church underwent a range of restorations and renovations of both interior and exterior.

The image of Christ inside the chapel, comes from the church of Sant Domingo in Palma. Moreover, the church and oratory of Sant Felip Neri holds several unique paintings by Vicenç Furió and Llorenç Cerda.

Visits can be done on Saturdays at 20:00h (summer) and 19:00h (winter).


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